When the first centre of Pinkall Nursery was established in 2009, the co-founders Hetall & Dharmesh Pathak had only one aim: to provide a safe and encouraging environment to preschoolers for their 360-degree growth and development. A decade later Pinkall Nursery stands tall with 5000+ successful preschool graduates and satisfied parents under its name. The two essential things that the kids get at Pinkall Nursery are roots and wings.

Pinkall promises to nurture your kids with the right values, skills and knowledge, and shape their unique personalities with education, love and care. Pick Surat’s most trusted preschool to be your child’s home away from home.


Our mission is to reach maximum number of parents in forthcoming years, who seek high quality of education & child care in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that builds the foundation for lifelong learning.


Our vision is to create Pinkall Nursery as a primary platform and source of knowledge & education for moulding future scholars. We aim to support children’s unique individual potential with a focus on academic excellence, leadership, community, peace and stewardship of the Earth.

Message From The Founders

In 2009, when we opened the first branch of Pinkall Nursery, we knew only one thing - we wanted our kids to gradually grow roots and wings, together. The roots of moral and cultural values to recognise one’s humble origins and the wings of freedom to fly without any inhibitions and worries. We go out of our way to teach and cater to all their needs because we consider them like our own.
Our belief in the notion that children follow examples rather than any advice or instructions, has helped us in shaping our one-of-a-kind curriculum and educational system. We emphasize on over-all growth and development instead of simply concentrating on one area or subject. Because we want to build young gentlemen and ladies who know how to live right from the start.
We only have one message for all; beware of how you treat children because later in their lives, your way of talking to them becomes their inner voice.
- Hetall & Dharmesh Pathak


  • Dillip Singapuri - Ideator

    Pinkall as a dream was incepted in Hetall & Dharmesh’s heart & mind by none other than Dillipji. He is the reason Pinkall took its birth. Always generous and kind, Dillipji brings forth his years of accumulated wisdom for the right cause at Pinkall Nursery. His teachings to fly like a free bird has made his daughter, Hetall a thorough thinker. He nourishes and imbibes his values of hardwork and loyalty in all the members, as well. He believes in learning and that it is a lifetime process. His zest to acquire and polish skills inspires others.

  • Hetall Pathak - Principal, Co-Founder & Chief Happiness Officer

    As the mama bear of Pinkall family, Hetall believes in relishing life for what it is. As the happiness manager, cofounder, teacher, trainer & principal she juggles a lot many hats. She says that a person is a person, no matter how small or young. She let kids discover and reinvent the world in their own way. Happy kids bring immense joy to her and she in turn provides them with the light of education enrooted in culture and authenticity. Her never-ending enthusiasm and vibrant vibes as the principal inspires all to do their best. She gives the credit of her success to the two gentlemen of her life, Dharmesh Pathak & Dilip Singapuri.

  • Dharmesh Pathak - Founder

    As the papa bear of Pinkall family, Dharmesh never fails to bring smiles on the faces of kids and their parents alike. He is like the roots of Pinkall, with his vibrant set of ideologies & methods. Having been a restaurateur before becoming the Director of Pinkall Nursery, his 19 years of experience in customer-relationship management comes handy in understanding the concerns and expectations of each parent. He believes that only the right education at the right time can prepare a kid for facing the real world in the future.

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